Benicio del toro on dating

Hartnett was the man Gisele Bndchen turned to when she split with Leonardo Di Caprio (but they're back together now).Ditto for Katie Holmes when she ended her engagement to Chris Klein. Del Toro, who briefly dated Alicia Silverstone, is now involved with former 24 star Sara Foster.Read on to see 19 other Tinsel Town couples that you forgot dated!, her relationship with the then 17-year-old cooled as soon as they tried to turn up the heat.(And no, we're not talking about dating a 16-year old.That's illegal, Bieber fans.) Why do you think women are now attracted to an older set of men?Now Hartnett is said to be romancing his The Black Dahlia co-star, Scarlett Johansson. The blonde beauty is the daughter of Hollywood composer David Benicio Del Toro, 38, and Johansson, 20, had tongues wagging when rumors of a post-Oscar party tryst in an elevator at L. Johansson later denied the reports but Del Toro seemed content to keep people guessing, telling Esquire magazine he "didn't know" if they had done the deed or not. Despite a 15-year age difference, it appears marriage may be in the cards for the couple.

And it turns out the break-up was the best thing to happen to them — both Evans and Biel catapulted to fame following the relationship as Captain America and Mrs. star Reynolds and Johnston dated briefly in 1999, when Johnston was a 32-year-old cougar dating a 23-year-old Hollywood newbie."My mum and I argue all the time and even though we always made up, on the show we couldn't just not talk to each other.Dating someone who's got 10, 20, or even 30 years on you might soon become less taboo.You might also want to check out Why Older, Less Educated Men Make Better Partners."You have such a great character with Benicio, who was as dark as he was and still so loved.