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These communities along with Northfield agreed to research and evaluate options together to determine the best alternative for our communities.Currently our four communities share a common Police radio frequency, so working together to explore alternative dispatch options was essential.Candidates should have several years of increasingly responsible experience in an operational public safety communications position with five of those years in a supervisory or administrative capacity, preferably in a multi-position, multi-jurisdictional environment; or have an equivalent combination of training and experience.Professional certification as an Emergency Number Professional through NENA, Registered Public Safety Leader through APCO, and Emergency Medical Dispatch certification is considered very desirable for this position.This in-depth study resulted in a recommendation for all four of our communities to enter into a contract for dispatch services with the Village of Glenview.Matrix Consulting Group gave several reasons for their recommendation, including that Glenview has a proven track record for professional service, experience with dispatch consolidation, success with prior dispatch consolidation, have capacity without becoming oversized, a fully redundant back-up center in Highland Park, and lower cost.Euclid Police Officer Anthony Brentar walks away from the shore while investigating a body found washed up from Lake Erie in July, 2010.

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A Master’s degree in public administration or related field is a plus.As a result, a primary goal of the Act is to reduce the number of ETSBs that the state distributes funds to, as well as the number of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) that the state regulates.Under the Act, all local authority to impose an emergency telephone system surcharge on telecommunications has been rescinded.All four communities wanted to make sure that we had carefully evaluated the service, safety, staffing, technology, and cost implications of our alternative dispatch options.Our 911 dispatch centers are an essential part of our emergency response systems and all communities agreed to move forward with a plan that meets the long-term needs of our residents and our first responders.