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, and Derrick Comedy; he’s attractive enough that fashion companies, like the Gap, want him to appear in their ads; he’s nerd-approved, which is how the rumor of Donald Glover as Spider-Man got started; and influential music critics have come around to his rap, where he rhymes under the Wu Tang-generated Childish Gambino moniker.In an already impressive career, that last one is probably the most notable.I cried during the scene in which all the Nazis were trapped in the burning theatre and they rushed the doors only to find that they were trapped and would indeed all burn to their death. Or rather, tears of sorrow, maybe, but not for the characters in the film. It made me think of all the people, Jews and other minorities, that were locked in burning buildings, or showers filled with poisonous gas and put in that same position. It was really such a satisfying feeling to watch all of these Nazis in that same horrific position; to watch Hitler get shot in the face, I was moved to tears. But, I’m a big Beatles fan and in fact, my favorite Beatles’ song, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, is not even on this album, and yes, the Beatles have plenty of amazing albums.

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When an actor or, especially, a comedian releases a music album, it’s often an ego-driven move, trying to prove to the world that they’re more than just Party-All-the-Time-era Eddie Murphy.

Glover, on the other hand, takes his Gambino career just as seriously as his Troy-on- The 90 minute set began with a text-heavy slideshow, telling the crowd that because it was Glover’s tour, he could say whatever he wants, like, “FUCK” and “GLEE SUCKS,” and show pictures of whatever he’d like, too, like his friend’s bare ass.

She must have prescriptions from ten different doctors.

Aug 12, 2017Enty In the past four months, this A- list actor who seemingly travels nonstop between movies and television but has been focusing on movies as of late has been doing his regular good deeds.