Error updating registry 100 to contact russian datings

To avoid the need to update existing registry data, your code could be updated to read the existing registry data and migrate it to a new key, so that any existing user settings are preserved.

Alternatively, approaches such as adding a version number check when the application starts (to determine which registry values to use) may be appropriate.

Is there other information I can provide, such as more detailed logging? Another piece of information that may help: I don't recall this being an issue before we locked down to specific version of dependencies in our file.

I'll be updating to Rust 1.4.0 today, maybe cargo 0.5.0 has this fixed.

There's been problems with that in the past with using Cargo but those should in theory be fixed now. Rust source build panicked and did not install successfully.

It looks like this may also be related to filesystem things, I wonder do you have an NFS mount?

Most updates can be created without the need for provisioning XML (provxml).

So after all this, I think this issue should be filed with the rustup dev team? I think Cargo can also do a lot better to give a better error here in any case, so I'd still be interested in seeing how to reproduce.

Not sure if this was their intended ownership structure.

Updating registry `` error: failed to load source for a dependency on `log` Caused by: Unable to update registry Caused by: failed to fetch `` Caused by: [9/-3] Object not found - no match for id (5dcd4b130384bb9d2123dd1af8d0edbca4b04acb) didn't work is quite fishy.

@hawkw out of curiosity, would you be able to build a debug version of Cargo to perhaps get some more output?