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Acknowledge and understand where that person might be coming from. Here’s what validation might look like: Your say to your friend, “It’s so hard to date in this town.” Your friend says, “Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from… ” Your friend may not agree with you or have had the same experiences (she met Richard right after her divorce), but she’s acknowledging and understanding feelings. You said to your husband, “Why didn’t you invite me to play golf? ” Your husband felt guilty and defensive, then blamed you by saying, “What are you talking about? This is challenging because we’re programmed to react and engage in the other person’s insanity. If you wanted to go step further you could say, “I can see how upset you are right now. Emotional validation creates the same positive feeling inside, regardless of who’s doing it.Acknowledge and understand where that person might be coming from – even when they’re putting your name on their negative feelings. In other words, if they blame you, you don’t engage. To not engage, instead you must do the following: 1. You can also validate someone and take care of yourself at the same time.Validation is an opportunity to communicate that your spouse's heart and emotions are important to you, regardless of whether you agree or they make sense to you. " • "You are not being rational." • "It's nothing to get upset over.When you validate your spouse, you recognize, value and accept his or her deepest thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs and emotions. You shouldn't let it bother you." • "You should be over that by now." That is a pretty sobering list.I suppose you already forgot about all the driving around I do for you! Instead, she decide to validate her daughter’s feelings and try to see things from her perspective — even thought she didn’t share the same feelings. And I could understand feeling you don’t get what you want. At the same time she took care of took care of herself.Just because the daughter felt she doesn’t get what she wants, doesn’t make her wrong. Let me validate all of us and acknowledge this is hard [email protected]#!!The message is that it's OK to think or feel the way he or she does.Validation occurs when we help our spouse feel unconditionally accepted.

Invalidation is when someone’s feelings are negated. To validate someone is to acknowledge and understand what they’re feeling.

Nurses in the Parkinson Foundation of Canada Clinical Assistance/ Outreach Programmes have designed a Quality of Life Rating Scale (Parkinson's Impact Scale, PIMS) to measure the impact of IP on 10 aspects of a patient's emotional, social and economic life.

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