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The Project Manager needs to run the schedule, but all too often MS Project can try to take control.

Take back control by understanding the tool better.

What we mean by not updating is you make changes to your task duration, but the dates and Gantt charts don’t correctly reflect your edit.

If you’re looking for how to create tasks in Microsoft Project and set up “Auto Schedule” on the tasks, try: How To Create A Basic Microsoft Project Plan.

How Do I Auto Calculate Project Duration Dates MS Project?

One of your default values in the Project options is off. After hitting OK you should be back at your project screen and the project should be updated to reflect the auto calculated dates.

If sub-tasks are linked, the start and finish dates are not calculated unless you choose to enforce the links using the Respect Links button.

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Its quirks and complications are a huge drain of time on the Project Management community.

A common complaint about the tool is, "I hate to touch anything once I have my schedule right.

If I change anything the whole schedule seems to fall apart." With four simple steps, any project manager can take back control.

After some consideration, I realized that this feature could be useful for the segment of Microsoft Project users who fall into the occasional project manager role vs. I will now examine the features of user-controlled scheduling and identify some practical uses of the mode.

User-controlled scheduling enables you to develop project schedules with or without Microsoft Project's scheduling engine.