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But the new guy in my life happens to be a world traveler, and old-school telecommunication has begun to seem almost as antiquated as mailing a letter—without the writerly romance.

Rather than risk letting my new fling lose momentum or, worse, fizzle out in a string of missed calls and lackluster text messages, I resolve to master the perfect video chat. Unlike Instagram, the myriad video apps on the market don't offer dreamy, skin-perfecting filters.

Most men who feared the threats were aged between 17 and 36 years.

They were initially drawn into the scam when they received a friend request over social media sites of an "attractive" young woman.

Until now, I've managed to evade requests for video calls by feigning poor reception or unavailability. On video, eye contact is interrupted by glimpses at my own face—a nagging, sallow, undefined distraction in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

The temptress then encouraged the men to chat to her online through Skype and eventually persuaded them to perform sex acts in front of the camera for her.

But moments later the victims were contacted and told that the exchange had been filmed and would be broadcast online unless the men complied with her money demands.

A 'digital magician' appeared to pull off an extreme piece of online theft when he reached through a laptop screen to steal a camera.

Abishek Das, a medical clinic IT assistant from Sharjah in the UAE, experiments with video editing effects to create fun camera trickery on his Instagram account.