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In fact, in a statement posted with the leak, the hackers suggested that women who turn up in the database are probably just one of the site’s many “fake female profiles”. Broadly speaking: curious people, bored people, robot scammers who are not actually people, and cheaters.Representatives from several countries, including the U. He called for a review of their nuclear programs and rejected allegations concerning his own.

Still, it’s not all about privacy; there seems to be a chivalrous bent to Impact Team’s crusade.But Clinton noted that reliable private estimates of the stockpile were readily available.The disclosures came on a day when Iran and the United States squared off over U.S., walked out during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech to the U. UNITED NATIONS -- Shattering a taboo dating from the Cold War, the Obama administration revealed Monday the size of the American nuclear arsenal -- 5,113 weapons -- as it embarked on a campaign for tougher measures against countries with hidden nuclear programs.The figure was in line with previous estimates by arms-control groups.