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This investigation is unique in that it disaggregated the data to go beyond the usual labels of Black and African American used in past validation studies.Due to being subsumed in the past under such monikers, information on the ethnic identity of Afro-Caribbean American college students has largely been missing from the literature.This enables you to ensure that your product resonates with your market.ensures that your product has met all of the criteria required to release the product.

The construct of ethnic identity as used in the MEIM is defined as a common phenomena across diverse ethnic groups, which include self-identification as a group member, a sense of belonging, and attitudes toward one’s group [2].

Just like double-checking your sums, validation enables you to confirm your solution, assumptions and results during the product-release process.

Collecting feedback from both your market and internal team is a valuable practice, no matter when it occurs.

This investigation served as a comparison to past investigations on ethnic identity in populations of African descent.

The results of this study indicated that the structure of the MEIM is consistent in this population.