Who is joumana kidd dating

Joumana Kidd, who last month was branded an erratic spousal abuser by the New Jersey Nets guard, made her allegations in a counterclaim filed late yesterday in New Jersey Superior Court (a copy of the document can be found here).

The divorce filing came less than a day after the 33-year-old NBA player filed a domestic violence complaint seeking a temporary restraining order against his wife."Jason Kidd filed for divorce from his wife today on the grounds of extreme cruelty over a long period of time," Kidd's attorney, Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich, said in a statement Tuesday.

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On their first date, he talked of having kids and a family.

Kidd In the dissolution papers, filed in state Superior Court in Bergen County, Kidd accuses Joumana Kidd of physically and mentally abusing him, threatening to make false domestic violence complaints against him to police and of interfering with his relationship with his children."The defendant's extreme and unwarranted jealousy and rage has left the plaintiff concerned about her emotional stability," the papers say.